Waking Up in a Beautiful Room

My new book of poetry is out! You can grab a copy at select bookstores or on Amazon.com. Here are some reactions.

These poems speak in many voices on many things–visionary, introspective, often given flights of language and imagination and metaphor that root themselves in the ordinary and commonplace only then to take the reader, suddenly and as if by magic, to some extraordinary place. Charles Watts thinks and writes with clarity and wit, whether about personal relationships, deer in the garden, or eternity, and his darkness never dims his light and his light never denies the dark.

Bruce Rowe (author: Poems of the Night and Day)

The keen blade of ambivalence etches itself in this fine collection of poems. Using crystal imagery and powerful metaphor, Charles Watts explores our inner conflicts.

Kenneth Weene (author: Tales from the Dew Drop Inne; Memoirs from the Asylum; Widow’s Walk; Songs for My Father)

These poems are of luscious needs and biting insights. I especially like “Karma in the High Peaks,” with its lovely over-lapping references. Moving from Arizona to upstate New York sounds like a journey from Iran to the Himalayas. Watts is a seeker. Let’s hope he never gets there so he has to keep writing for us.

Richard Anderson (author: Death Below Zero)

“Please, boss! He needs the money for a good cause! He could be a zoo reporter! He spends all his time there and has a lot of friends there! C’mon, boss! Please…”

Philbert Desanex (alter ego of Wonder Warthog)