RAPTURES is Charles Watts first collection of short stories, just published by RA Press and available at numerous bookstores and online at Amazon.com. Click on the image to order!

A brief review: “Celebrating Thanksgiving in an Iranian school in the seventies. Meeting beat legend Lawrence Ferlinghetti in the sixties. Dealing with a Peeping Tom at the Hotel Peshawar. Driving across the Adirondacks on a memorably bizarre yet somehow, for one cabbie, routine evening fare. These and other tales from both the imagination and life experience of Charles Watts comprise RAPTURES: Tales of Darkness and Light. Funny, poignant, haunting, and perceptive describe the writing of Mr. Watts, with his sharp eye for the way cultures clash and for the quirky manner in which people interact – no matter what part of the globe they may inhabit.”

Raptures_Cover_for_createspace estore


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